Fleeting Moments Of Scents

In my last gaff I used to hate lime trees. This was because the only place I could park was underneath one and between April and October every year my windscreen was covered in sticky, gooey ‘dew.’*

I was such a grumpy Phantom as I tried to sponge off the mess that I never once noticed what lime blossom actually smells like – a little piece of Heaven. It took a trip to the Cotswolds in July one year to really appreciate it. Now I actively seek it out.

Folks, may I suggest that some time in the very near future, you take a wander through Greenwich Park and stand underneath a lime tree? (Not for too long if you don’t want to get very sticky…) The one at the top of this post is just inside the main entrance and is laden with pretty little understated pale-green flowers now. Stand below and take a sniff. It’s wonderful.

If that’s not enough, try the mock-orange blossom a little way past the herb garden. There are also a couple by Gloucester Circus’s railings.

I know. I’m a soppy Phantom today. So shoot me…

*Actually aphid-excrement. Nice.

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