Bad Stuff

Folks, I’ve just had some disturbing news about Robert Gray, of TV, Screen, Radio – and St Alfege’s Guesthouse fame – and, of course, regular commenter here.

His friend Nic has just contacted me to tell me that he is very badly injured as the result of an attack last night, and he wants everyone in the centre of town to be extra careful just now. Nic says:

“Four drunken youths – almost children – tried to kick in Robert’s door in Roan Street at 2.15am this morning. He confronted them, chasing them down Straightsmouth.

He caught up with a boy and girl, but they turned on him and beat him, kicked him and bit him, shouting “Kill him, kill him.”

Robert passed out and was left for dead. He is very lucky to be alive.”

I’m getting very worried about the late-night drinking regulations in Greenwich. Stabbings, beatings, glassings – even murders – are going on, and yet licences are still being granted.

We don’t know which establishment these oafs were drinking at – but it’s unlikely they were enjoying a tinny in St Alfege’s churchyard. Wherever they were, they must have been obviously drunk. If we must have late night drinking, then surely it should fall a upon the owners of these places to purvey alcohol with some kind of integrity. It’s not good enough just to keep serving drunks until they’re paralytic then chuck them out on the street so it’s someone else’s problem.

In this case, that Someone Else was Robert, who was in his own home, not even out on the street. Next time it could be any of us.

My best wishes go out to Robert, who I understand is in a very bad way – and to Nic. If anyone saw anything that might be useful, I know the police would like to hear about it. These assholes could strike again any time.

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