Unpleasantness in St Alfege’s Passage

Robert from Number 16 (the guesthouse)had a most unpleasant time Saturday night, and is keen to warn people to be on their guard. He says:

“I woke at 4.30 am to find an intruder in my bedroom which is very much at the back of the building. I don’t know who was more shaken when I screamed at him, he or me. There was then a fight, in which I injured him. He made off across the gardens of the next door into the church recreation gardens. Police were called and details taken.He was mid to late 20s, black neat short hair wearing clean jeans and dark blue top.”

Robert’s understandably very shaken, and presumably the burglar(?) isn’t feeling so great either. I used to think that St Alfege’s Passage must be an idyllic place to live; I’m getting less and less sure these days.

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