Tudor Feasts

Eltham’s Tudor Barn has just had a facelift courtesy of the council, who have been looking for someone suitable to run it. The mantle has fallen upon Suzie Bailey’s events company Staar, and she will be holding a special open day on Sunday 24th May where, she tells me, there will be a “community consultation/display of the works which we intend to do to the building.”

After some searching, (I was sent a powerpoint presentation that looked lovely and used lots of buzz words but didn’t actually say what the reworking was actually going to include…) I found a website for the project.

I have to say, at first look, it appears impressive (even if the concept of ‘servicing’ visitors made me giggle in a childishly Phantomy sort of way…) None of the links on the page work yet; perhaps that will happen after the 24th – but hey – if this lives up to the promises it’s making here, it could be very exciting indeed.

I’m slightly bothered by the inclusion of wedding marquees – if you stick a marquee outside somewhere lovely like the Tudor Barn (and in my experience these ‘temporary’ tents tend to go up on the 1st May and come down on the 31st October…) the only people that enjoy the ‘historic’ view are those inside the marquee itself.

But hey. That’s small gripes. This looks like it could be a very nice idea indeed. Let me know what you think if you go along…

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