The Mores

Sunny weather needs sunny songs. Preferably sunny sixties/seventies retro style songs. I’m not sure whether The Mores would be offended or delighted at me shoving them into retro-mode, but listening to their stuff catapults me to a faded Kodachrome place between late-era Beatles, Supertramp, the Electric Light Orchestra circa Out of the Blue and (sorry, guys) Billy Joel, sometime between The Stranger and 52nd Street.

At that point, their stuff takes a musical sabbatical during the 80s and 90s and resurfaces somewhere around early 2000s alt-pop. Davey-Ray Moor-era Cousteau-ish heavy chords and a spot of Andrew Bird surreality.

I’m not really sure what ‘South East London’ means on their MySpace slot – but Robbie from the band started a live music night in Woolwich a short while ago, so I’m counting them as local (my interpretation of the word ‘local’ tends to expand and contract according to how much I like the thing in question – I’ll appropriate stuff miles away if it’s cool…)

Check ‘em out, folks. Don’t bother trying to find the website – it’s under construction – go straight to the MySpace slot above.

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