Navy 100th Anniversary FlyBy And Fireworks

Despite its being a schoolday yesterday, quite a few people made it down to the ORNC yesterday for the Navy’s 100th anniversary of aviation’s ‘please-buy-us-a-new-aircraft-carrier’ fly-by.

In some respects it was quite fun, but I confess that I felt a bit “was that it?” about it. Helicopters and fixed-wing craft flew over in formation, and while they were actually there it was mildly interesting, but it all felt rather remote and was over so fast that I began to wonder why I’d taken time out to see it. The general opinion from my correspondence seems to agree with me.

Stephen had placed himself at the top of the hill, and got one or two pics (see above…) Andy had much the same idea:

I have to say that against yesterday’s leaden sky there was something creepy about the aircraft – they looked like a swarm of flies. (More about ‘bibilical plagues’ later, btw.)

Rob had trudged under the tunnel to get the flypast with the historic setting of the Old Royal Naval college. That he managed to string the event out to a four-minute video, seems an achievement nigh-on miraculous.

But if the flyby itself was a damp squib, the evening fireworks that Ianvisits tipped us off about were a veritable Roman Candle. Of course I’d totally forgotten that they’d be on until I heard the bangs, so I only saw half of them, and most of that was spoiled by my cursing my poor memory but the bit I saw was fabulous – presumably in honour of Prince Andrew, who Jo tells me was guest of honour on board Illustrious.

Andy (not of the Royal variety) had a fantastic view from what I can only assume are the flats near Maze Hill. I couldn’t decide which of these pics to include, so I used them both. I particularly like the second one which has Maze Hill Station in the foreground looking almost romantic…

I leave you, though, with these magnificent close up shots from Ben…

…and Nicholas, who are probably deaf today, given how close they must have been to those whooshes and bangs…

Thank you to all of you who sent me pics!

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