Lusty Leaves

Stephen’s had a lot of early (and false) starts this week. He was determined to capture some pictures of HMS Illustrious leaving Greenwich, but she kept being thwarted by winds, low tides and generally bad conditions, which meant that he had a couple of wasted trips himself.

But he kept an eye on IanVisit’s calendar until finally he discovered that Lusty would be leaving at 4.00am this morning.

You have to admire someone who’ll get up at 3.20am to be at his photography-post by 3.34 am, and I’m especially grateful as these shots are exclusive – Stephen tells me that apart from one other photographer, sited west of the barrier, he was completely alone. And probably freezing. So while he gets himself a mug of hot chocolate and a quick snooze, the least I can do is share these early morning photos with you all.

Here’s Lusty being gently brought along the Thames by tug:

…coming up for the barrier-challenge:

…and just about squeaking through…
Stephen made a short video of her past the barrier, click here to view it – but be quick – it turns into a pumpkin after a week…

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