Greenwich’s Second Ghost Bike

Gwladys asked me what the white-painted bike tied to the railings on the Charlton side of the A102M roundabout was. I didn’t know about that particular one, but Ghost Bikes are a sad phenomenon that have been cropping up in cities around the world over the past few years as memorials to cyclists killed on roads. There was one put in Greenwich Park by Greenwich Cyclists a couple of years ago; this was obviously a regrettable second one.

I went to take a peek at it, to see what the story was, and it’s even sadder than I first thought, because no one knows who the female victim was yet, and the lorry driver who ran into her didn’t even stop.

Since Chez Phantom doesn’t get local papers (or mags – I don’t know if it’s personal or whether my road isn’t considered posh enough for that sort of thing), I looked online for the story and found it at the excellent 853 blog. Darryl must have stood in exactly the same place as me around the same time to have taken his pics, but he’d already noted the story last Friday…

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