Country Lanes (2) Diamond Terrace

This is one of those lanes that looks like you shouldn’t be allowed up there – and yet, once you get past the first few feet, it opens out into a substantial road in the middle, with some stunning Georgian/Victorian houses on it (I particularly like the one with the Regency wrought iron balcony outside it.)

Diamond Terrace has three exits, the southern most one of which, that’s a footpath only, is my country lane for today, full of lush country flowers (yeah, ok, weeds) and cobbledy cobbles. There’s a fantastic grey-painted cottage halfway down, that I am convinced if you just showed a picture of it to someone, they’d believe was in the middle of Devon or something. Railings, flagstones, tulips and cherry blossom.

Long-term readers may remember the spooky tunnels that run underneath Diamond Terrace, including the one that was fancifully grotto-fied Regency Times and later used as an air raid shelter. Sadly I’m still waiting for my invite to one of the exclusive cocktail parties the present owner apparently holds from time to time ;-)

Ah, well. I’ll console myself with some lovely greenery. Ahh…

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