Confused Phantom

Rod has just put the willies up me by saying that the market’s Durnford Street/Cobbles issue seems to be contained in a different planning application from the one some of us have objecting to.

The link I gave you was for Planning Application 09/0829/F – which I thought was the correct one (it talks about the demolition of 1950s core market buildings), but Rod now worries that it should have been Application 09/0830/C (which talks about “demolition and works to unlisted buildings in association with development works at Greenwich Market.”)

The link is currently broken, so it’s impossible to be sure, but the letter that arrived chez Phantom, after objections went in, lumps the two together “09/0829/F and Associated Ref: 09/0830/C. Somewhat worryingly it also invites me to object, which makes me wonder whether the online objections actually count.

Can anyone clear this up? I would hate to think that our objections would be discounted because of my stupidity – I confess I didn’t see there were two separate applications for building demolition and had assumed it would all be lumped together.

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