Broken Link Fixed

Just to let all of you who have been telling me the link to Greenwich Hospital Trust’s application for planning permission re. the market, as shown on Greenwich Council’s site, is broken – it’s now fixed (apparently the response has been huge, which got them to mend it…)

I believe that the bit to do with Durnford Street’s buildings was in a different link to the one pertaining to the main market so here are two different links:

For the demolition of the Durnford Street buildings – click here .

For the other proposals, including the cobbles issue, click here

Several people have been asking how to view the drawings for each application. You do that by clicking on the serial number at the top of the application – tabs appear, one of which includes “documents.” They are, many of them, the wrong way up and absolutely tiny – but the little plus sign will make them much easier to read.

I have heard that comments will be considered in tandem with the two applications, but so many people have been emailing me about this, I can’t remember who said that. If you want to go for the belt-and-braces thing, perhaps you can copy comments to both proposals…

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