“Me” asks:

“According to signage on the site, “Wolfman Films” is doing a bit of night filming around the University to May 27th. Do you know if it is connected to the filming done last year (’08) on the “Wolfman Film”? I walk through the University most days to and from work and had to walk through grimy streets and horse poop this morning – Ewww! It was still cool though because lots of props were hanging out to sneak a peek at…and how cool is it to tell my friends and family that I walk through film sets on the way to work! :-)

Sadly, “Me,” my call for a mole in the Greenwich Film Unit has gone unheeded (probably because I wasn’t particularly polite about it once. Damn my mouth…)

So I had to resort to my old friend the Internet, which, as everyone knows, is never wrong. It is, indeed, more filming for Wolfman, which apparently had too much boring old plot, so they’re tacking on some more action shots before the much-delayed release. The Big Picture is sceptical about it all – if a film’s going to be boring, adding extra shots only makes it longer, argues Bruno, but hey – it will also add extra Greenwich

And it gives me an excuse to add another pic from last year’s shoot…

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