Waterfront Transit Sinks

Am I the only person that thought that the proposed Waterfront Transit System had already been axed months, nay, years ago? My only surprise when I found out about its demise yesterday was that it had still been on the table at all. I don’t even remember a time when it was talked about as though it was ever going to actually happen. I mean – even the name smacked of pie-in-the-sky. It was a a new bus route, not some Jetsons-alike monorail.

But, whatever – it’s been made official – Matthew sent me this link to Boris finally sealing its fate.

Was it always just part of a bunch of proposed things that mandarins knew could never be afforded, just for short-term look-goodism to make TfL seem like they were ‘doing something’? I don’t know. It’s possible that someone at some point thought it was do-able, but its death is nothing to do with the latest credit crunch. There were mutterings about it not happening long before the latest financial crisis.

Here we are again. A whole load of cash spent on on faffing round a project that wouldn’t ever happen. I’m not convinced anyone ever thought it would.

If I had cash to invest at the moment, I’d be looking for a feasablity-study company to sink it in. It would seem these guys are the only ones working these days.

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