Trying Again On The Consultation

Guys – I’m told the post about Greenwich Market’s consultation days is all very pear-shaped indeed. It reads fine to me, though I think I know what you can see – Blogger was acting VERY weird yesterday. The cache must be up the wazoo.

Since they’re only holding the consultation for a VERY short time, I’m posting it again.

It’s to be held this Friday, the 24th, between 4.00pm and 8.00pm and Saturday 25th between 10.00am and 4.00pm. This is at 22, Nelson Road. There will be ‘members of the project team to answer questions.’

If you miss this, the exhibition boards will be up between 27th April and 3rd May at 5b the Market, but there won’t be anyone to talk to.

I personally think the plans, though hardly sparkling, are better than they were. I just worry about those Victorian buildings on Durnford Street. As Rod said to me the other day, though they may not have the architectural punch of a lot of Greenwich’s ‘iconic’ buildings, they are, in their own quiet way, as important as the “Just weight…” sign over the market entrance. I would be sorry to lose them.

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