All day tomorrow, this year’s slowest marathon ‘runner’ will be making his way through Greenwich.

There are some people for whom being told they will never walk again is just a red rag to the proverbial. Phil Packer lost the use of his legs when he was injured by a rocket attack in Basra last February, which only made him determined to do the marathon this year.

He’s going at a rate of two miles per day – the most his crutches will allow, and today he’s ‘enjoying’ the rather damp hospitality of the Woolwich and Charlton roads.

He begins his long trudge through Greenwich, from the five mile mark around the A102m flyover, past the six mile marker outside Theatre of Wine and onto the seven mile stop at Deptford tomorrow, collecting for Headley Court Rehabilitation Centre.

If you see him, say hello – he can do with all the support he can get…

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