Thamesmead Tor

Yer what?

I confess I don’t have any idea what Nat’s talking about here, but maybe one of you do:

“Having taken several winding trips on the 380 this week I have taken to wondering about the Thamesmead Tor. Do you know anything about this strange ‘hill’?”

Thamesmead is really not an area I know very well at all. In fact the only time I think I’ve ever taken the 380 that far was an unfortunate incident where my car was impounded a few years ago (a truly unpleasant experience) So I can’t really get my head round what you mean, Nat. That’s not to say someone here doesn’t know. Fingers crossed…

One Comment to “Thamesmead Tor”

  1. Ian Blore says:

    Owen Hatherley (A Guide to the New Ruins of Britain) describes the Tor as an heathen mound. I too would like to know more. Thamesmead is a sadly neglected part of our borough and has fantastic wetlands and wildlife (no jokes). Norman Foster designed one of his first buildings here, whilst the walkways of Tavey Bridge are far superior to the Barbican. Lets discover the place on a ride with Greenwich Cyclists on the 29th October.