Live Bait

I’ve just moved this from my review of David Ramzan’s latest book in case the poor fellow gets the wrong idea. Don’t forget you can ask questions directly by clicking on the links at the side of the page, folks.

But back to the question. Indigo asks

“If anyone knows where I can buy live white maggots in Greenwich? These are for my hens (maggots are a “treatment” for some crop problems), and I cannot think of even one fishing-tackle type shop still in existence here.

Pets At Home don’t have them (I asked). I know I can buy them on-line but one has to be able to guarantee to be at home to sign for delivery, as the maggots have to live – in a lidded pot, of course – in the ‘fridge.”

The Phantom is flummoxed. That’s the problem with big chains taking over an entire section of the market. If they don’t do it, then nowhere will. I’ll pretty much guarantee that Pets and the City won’t do it either!

I guess you need to look at places where fishermen congregate – protected waterways etc. I once saw a maggot vending machine (no, really) at a petrol station near a reservoir when I was filling up on a jaunt, but it was miles from here.

You might want to try the city farms – perhaps Woodlands or Mudchute?

Or maybe someone else has an idea? No cheap gags, now…

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