Late Licences

Remember back in February, when Dennis was worried about a slew of late-drinking licence applications and I told him not to worry, Greenwich Council wouldn’t do anything so stupid as to grant them?

After all, they’d started ‘cleaning up’ Greenwich’s streets – they’d banned outside tables at the Rose & Crown (a notorious trouble zone – not) and they turfed out the Organic Cafe (another hotbed of late-night vice…) They were getting TOUGH. Honest.

Well – I owe you an apology. I spoke out of turn. Greenwich Council actually IS that stupid.

Andy tells me that Greenwich Council Licensing Sub Committee has approved late drinking licences for: Pistachios, Cafe Sol, Phillies and Greenwich Village. Not one of these places is more than a few yards from where someone DIED a couple of weeks ago.

Look at openings of between midnight and three in the morning for these joints. Phillies will also be showing films. The mind boggles.

Brace yourselves, folks…

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