Just Like Mammas

I may have taken a couple of days off blogging, but I have been squirreling around, honest.

For example, I’ve been looking at the sad old sight that is the old village market. I guess I didn’t realise how much I’d miss somewhere where, apart from Beehive’s coffee, I wasn’t a regular purchaser. It all looked so forlorn, behind those white ‘graffiti-me’ hoardings, reminding me that I can’t just wander through any more, can’t find weird furniture fittings rusting in compartmented boxes or an old military jacket, a belly dance outfit or a Moroccan lantern just any time I want to any more.

There are a few relocations, I notice – the Bottle Shop is now down Trafalgar Road, in the old print works (which in turn is now in Crane St.) 360 Degrees is now in a much smaller shop in the covered market. But the randomness, quirkiness and – let’s face it, tattiness – is quite gone.

But I was cheered by a new stall in the covered market. Just Like Mammas isn’t actually new – but it’s been tucked away round the back since it’s opened. Yesterday it was in the main part of the market and the poor guys seemed a bit overwhelmed by the sudden influx of trade.

I’ll guess it’s a family business, Dad(who at least sounds Italian), Mum and kiddie, who have bought a real wood-burning pizza oven (I suspect you can buy such things in the Italian equivalent of B&Q but I’ve never seen one before) and make proper thin-crust pizzas while you wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Poor guys – in that tiny stove they can only make one or two at a time and though they were working flat-out, and though the pizzas themselves only took minutes to bake, the wait was looooong.

Thing is, the pizzas just looked so good, people all around me were ordering and ordering, which gave them a backlog that was quite scary. They just weren’t used to actually having people wanting their goods and they looked a bit flustered. But they were fun and friendly as they worked and the queue atmosphere was not unpleasant. And I got time to see the stall.

They have a little table and chairs painted in red, white and green (the table has a little Lambretta sign on it, and the sandwich board what looks like a scooter headlamp. I was also pleased to see a fire bucket just in case…

So was it worth the wait? Yup. Crispy, crusty and with nice-quality fillings. Nothing too fancy – there are only four choices – very Neapolitan – but all done well. Prices average for Greenwich Market – £3.95 for a basic Margarita, £4.95 for the other three – Vegetariana, Spinach & Gorgonzola and Salami.

They were only in the main part of the market because it was a Bank Holiday weekend and someone had taken the time off, so if you want to find them in future, you should look down the little side street that goes down to Beachcomber restaurant. And hey – there the wait might not be so hellish…

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