James Peters Jnr.

I love you guys. I no sooner ask than I receive. The young man that our anonymous friend has spotted dragging the tractor tyre up Greenwich Hill is James Peters Jnr. And Virginia has sent me pictures of our new sporting hero.

I can’t find much about him online – sadly ‘James Peters’ is a really common name. But Virginia spoke to him last September and says:

“While training for the GB Olympic Trials 2 years ago he suffered an injury so has been training to go for 2012. His ultimate goal is to achieve a world record in the 100 meters. How he trains is this: runs uphill dragging the tire, then rests for 5 minutes. He does this 12 times. The routine may have changed by now since that was a while ago.”

Rather him than me. But I really hope he gets his dream. Suddenly I’m all interested in the Olympics. Don’t worry – it won’t last. Well – only until after the 100 metres…

Give him a cheer if you see him, guys…

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