Greenwich Market Consultation Yet Again

Folks, I seem to have been sleepwalking. There I was assuming that Greenwich Hospital Trust were ‘consulting’ us before submitting their formal plans when all the time those plans are already with Greenwich Council, pending approval.

I thought we had time. We don’t.

While a much of the content of the proposal is tolerable – and some of it’s even okay – if, like me, you find the loss of those Edwardian buildings in Durnford Street (so that they have extra rubbish-bin space – hardly a great excuse to demolish history) and the removal of the classic cobblestones in favour of bog-standard paving an unacceptable part of the deal, then you need to act now.

Paul has kindly forwarded this link that goes directly to the application. At the bottom, you can click to go to an online comments form

Ignore the first bit that asks for a reference number (unless you have one, of course) and click on the bit just underneath that says “If you do not have a reference number…”

The form can be submitted online.

I think it’s sneaky that the proposal only talks about “Demolition of the existing 1950′s core market buildings, ” failing to mention the much earlier Durnford Street buildings, and also says nothing about GHT quietly removing the cobblestones, which are so much a (literal) part of the feel of the place.

It’s up to you of course. You may disagree and think I’m getting obsessed here. But if you don’t, then now’s the time to act.

Greenwich Hospital have not been entirely up-front with us here about the gradual seepage of our history, bit by bit, but it’s not to late to at least put up a fight. Greenwich Council could easily insist on the reinstatement of cobblestones and the retention of the Durnford Street buildings as a Section 106.

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