A few days ago me and some friends were having ye olde ‘favourite-words-in-the-English-language’ discussion. Putative. Caoutchouc. Milt. Ytterbium. Gubernatorial. You know the sort of discussion.

My favourite word – well – maybe not my best word, but my desert-island word is Kitten. Here’s why.

Meet Grey Boy Kitten. His dad is Big Max of Devonshire Drive; his mum is Tiny Ruby.

Boy Kitten, and his sister Brown Girl Kitten:

are looking for a home. Currently all is harmony in Devonshire Drive, but Kate is worried that keeping these adorable little bundles of fluff might cause fur to fly in the long run, and is reluctantly saying goodbye.

“They are very well brought up and are cuddly and litter trained,” says Kate.

“We want them to stay in Greenwich so that we can checkout where they are going and so that new owners can come and check on us. We don’t want to sell them but do want to be sure that they go to good homes and are happy.”

So – is there anyone out there who is dribbling at the thought of the pitter-patter of fluffy feet? If so, drop me a line and I’ll pass your details onto Kate…

Here’s another pic, just because I can. It’s my blog and I’ll post kittens if I want to. The third fluffy chap in this picture has already found a home.

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