Feeling Tyred

I have a great Ask The Phantom today, folks. A lot of people seem to think that I’m absolutely anti the Olympics. And I confess I have been ambivalent. I have grave concerns about the placing of the Equestrian and Shooting events in unsuitable venues merely so that LOCOG can avoid getting egg on their faces.

But I’m not completely against the whole affair – I’m rather looking forward to seeing how the main stadium turns out, and I’m really quite upset that the gymnastics won’t be held at the O2 any more, which is, after all, currently London’s only purpose-built arena with adequate public transport.

And an anonymous question has made me even more intrigued about the athletics part of the event – a question about something I’d seen but never joined the dots before in my mind.

My anonymous friend asks:

“Do you know who the athlete is who trains in Greenwich Park with a rather large tyre attached to him? I’m sure you’ve seen him, as he’s training there all the time.

Last week curiosity got the better of my young daughters, who dared their mother to ask him what he was doing. So I did.

He told us he is training for the 100m, five times a week. We wished him good luck and went on our way but then we became even more curious to know who he is.

Tyrone Edgar? I don’t really want to stop and harass him with more questions, but would be interested to follow his progress leading up to the Olympics and show some support. so we wondered if you know…?”

Well. Actually, of course, I don’t know. But it’s entirely possible and it would be fantastic if it was true. Tyrone Edgar was certainly born in Greenwich and yes, he specialises in the 100 metres. And he looks like a thoroughly decent chap. He suffered an injury in February, so he’s having to do extra-tough training to get himself fit enough to compete (personally I’d settle for a nice cup of tea and a sit down), though he’ll probably miss the next bunch of championships in Turin.

According to the magazine, he’s now LA based and lived in Somerstown anyway, but it’s possible that he’s moved since the interview.

Can anyone confirm that this guy is Tyrone Edgar? I mean – anyone who’s doing that is either very, very dedicated or a complete nutter. Either way, I’d like to know who he is. I like both types of people (except when the latter variety harasses me on the internet, natch…) And if our tyre man isn’t Edgar, who is he?

Why is it that suddenly I’m much more interested in the Olympics just because I see some guy dragging a tractor tyre up the most punishing bits of Greenwich Park on a regular basis? There’s no real logical reason, I know. I’m not interested in sport per-se, but somehow seeing a guy train that hard in Greenwich park, makes him Ours.

I feel all warm inside. I suspect he does too, if he’s been dragging that tyre again…

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