"Don’t Be Evil…"

…A phrase well past its sell-by date, I feel.

Folks, I thought I’d let you know that I have, for the moment, merely opted-out of the new GoogleAds spy machine. You’ll still see the odd ad (hell – it’s sort of nice to be able to take the Phantom Webmaster out for a cup of tea and a bun from time to time) but it won’t be on Google’s frankly evil new terms.

In case you’ve missed it, they’ve brought in this new widget where they track the use of every visitor to sites that have Google input (and let’s face it, that’s a lot of sites.) They claim it’s merely to target advertising, but to me, this is the thin end of a very sinister wedge.

You have to actively opt-out of their new ‘interest-based ads’ system – by not opting out, they assume you’re just fine with them logging every website your users visit.

I am extremely angry about this and have immediately disabled this function. For the moment, I’m sticking with the old kind of ads – they’re based on what I write, not what they snoop about you.

But I am so pissed off with this evil company that I am seriously considering doing without all Google applications entirely. It won’t be easy – they are already beginning a more frightening world domination programme than Bill Gates could have dreamed of.

If I find a way of leaving Blogger (easyish), finding a new email account (ditto) and a new search engine (not quite so easy) I’ll keep you posted. But in the meanwhile, guys, beware. It’s not just this page that’s getting the spy treatment, and not everyone knows to switch off the microphone…

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