Crowd Control

Annabel asks:

“I was wondering if you know which film is being shot in the grounds of the Royal Naval College this week, looks like a Golden Compass or Harry Potter type of thing?”

The Phantom replies:

We really do need a mole in Greenwich Film Unit to keep our curiosity sated. I really don’t know what’s going on there today. If I can get all my work done I’ll try to pop over to find out.

In the meanwhile I had to giggle when Chris told me he’d passed the filming himself. He didn’t know what it was either, but he says:

“I heard the director shout “Action!” Five secs later he shouted “Cut!” Then had to explain to everyone “When I shout ‘action,’ that’s when you start to do what we told you to do.” They’re all gonna have a very long day.”

So – clearly a professional set up then…

Anyone who gets there before me do let us know what the latest extravaganza is…

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