And The Worst View?

I exaggerate, of course. This isn’t the worst view in Greenwich by a long chalk. I will let your imaginations run riot as to the true worst view.

But really – are Stephen and I the only grumbly NIMBYS who think that this ugly snack caravan could be placed a few yards back, among the leafy glades of Greenwich Park, instead of battling with the tourists for pole-position, right inside the Observatory walls? It’s been there since Wednesday, and Stephen says it’s run by the same people who do the pricey sausages in the car park.

I know – it’s only a dodgy-looking coffee wagon (I’ve heard the word ‘portaloo’ used about it) – and it’s not permanent – but this should be a clear, uninterrupted view of a World Heritage Site. How many fewer bags of crisps would they sell if they were moved just a short way from the very area where people often have to queue for a view? I mean – it’s not just the van itself, it’s it’s well-spaced bins lined up along the fence.

Tell me I’m getting obsessive now. I have the horrid feeling I am. It just seems like an eyesore that could be easily moved with no real loss of business to the snackmongers but a small but significant bonus to visitors and locals alike.

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