Akanksha asks:

“Do you know of any good beauty places that I could possibly get my eyebrows threaded in Greenwich please?”

The Phantom replies:
Hmm. This one’s not quite my area, ‘fraid – far too much pain involved…

Anita at House of Beauty (Blackheath Therapy Centre, 184-186 Westcombe Hill, 020 8305 1719) does eyebrow shaping, I believe, but threading is quite a specialist thing, I don’t know if she does that.

Maybe someone can recommend a threading-person, while I shut my ears and say “la,la,la…can’t hear you,” very loudly.

2 Comments to “Yeouch!”

  1. Jenny says:

    ‘B Brown’ in the standard does eyebrow threading, as does ‘Linda’s Beauty’ opposite the picturehouse cinema in Greenwich centre.

  2. snowy says:

    i would highly recommend the lady who does at standard barbers..she is really good..pls go to her..she will give u real good eyebrows