Slow-Burner Daffs

How odd – whilst I was waxing lyrical about the lovely slow-burner daffodils outside the Queen’s House, Stephen was out snapping them.

And because I, for one, can’t get enough of the spring flowers just I thought I’d share a couple more with you. Have you noticed the unusually-sweet aromas in the air just now, too, delicate, blossomy smells, rather than the usual yeasty pongs? I just love Spring…

While we’re on the subject of the Maritime Museum / Queen’s House, Stephen also points out that the statue of Captain Cook has disappeared, replaced by this bush:

Now – I know it wasn’t the best statue in Greenwich, but it certainly wasn’t the worst (that dubious honour goes, of course, to this hideous, designed-by-committee effort) and I’m rather surprised to see it go. I don’t even seem to have a picture of what’s missing in my ever-bulging file of photos – I’m sure you know the one I mean though.

I went to check it out earlier today, and there was much activity going on, mainly of the burly-blokes-hauling-entire-shrubs-around variety, and there was a non-committal notice outside the children’s playground saying something about essential works. It could be the beginnings of the ‘exciting’ new Sammy Ofer Wing, of course, or just a re-jig of the greenery, but I’ll make a guess that Captain Cook will be back at some point.

In the meantime, sit back and enjoy another daff-pic from Stephen’s lens…

Happy Spring, folks.

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