Royal Observatory 1894

Things are still a bit chaotic chez Phantom so I thought that I’d suggest something new to look at while I get myself back in gear.

It’s a year-in-the-life blog of Greenwich Observatory from 1894 (a bit random, but there you go…) matching the day-to-day diary then with whatever date we’re on now.

It’s part of the International Year of Astronomy’s series of blogs housed at Cosmic Diary. The main site is a bit bells-and-whistles for me, though the individual blogs are good, but our local astronomer, Rebekah’s Observatory 1894 is simple and to one side.

She explains “1894 was chosen for several reasons – it refers to the work done on buildings (like the South Building, or New Physical Observatory) and instruments (like the 28-inch telescope) that can still be seen at Greenwich, it is a year for which there are good archives and for which we can find good photographic illustrations, it’s in the middle of a period that saw lots of changes at the Observatory and it also the anarchist ‘bombing’ outside the Observatory walls.”

It’s a fun site to read then think about the stuff that was going on on that day over 100 years ago.

If, BTW, you like ‘on-this-day’ diaries, check out the excellent Greenwich day By Day and my own personal favourite, The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Just don’t be a stranger here, ok…

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