RIP Village Market

I wasn’t going to revisit the sorry state that is was the village market – one of the very last bastions of old, scruffy Greenwich before we’re forced to hand the baton of bohemianism over to Deptford, and acclimatise ourselves to a future of conformity and blandness. I really wasn’t. I made sure I was geographically nowhere near the last day of the market yesterday, it would have been too depressing.

But Scott braved the very last day and sent me some pics, and I guess it’s an passing that does need to be marked.

The handful who made the trip wandered around around the final fraction of the usual cheerful tat, heavily discounted for quick sale (no one ever said the stuff there was top-quality; the thrill lay in the quest for the single jewel amongst the jumble.) Most were puzzled as to why the market had to close now, since there don’t appear to be any concrete plans to redevelop the spot in the immediate future.

I agree with them. I can’t see that the market was doing any harm as it was. It couldn’t have made the land’s asking price artificially low as some kind of ‘sitting tenant’ problem as the speed of the closure shows – the vendors were given a couple of months to get out – and they did. Clearly they could have been ‘got out’ at any two-months-notice. Why now? I have absolutely no idea. The general consensus among shoppers, of the people that ordered this, seems to agree with this album cover…

So. What is to become of this scruffy piece of real estate in the short term?

I can only assume it will become a temporary car park. Which, as my dad’s cynically pointed out, will garner the site’s owners much more hard cash than renting it out to a few stallholders ever would have.

But for now – let me leave you with Scott’s last vision – the sunset on Greenwich Village Market.

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