Pub In The Park

Kindly Ianvisits tells me about what could be an interesting event in the park later this year.

Pub in the Park is described as a ‘three day outdoor consumer event’ which celebrates the joys of the British Pub. The website seems to be predominantly for publicans wishing to take part, rather than for would be swillers-of-beer but it claims to ‘showcase the contributions pubs and bars make to their local communities’ by having displays of ‘sport, music, community, charity, entertainment, food and drink.’

I’m guessing the emphasis will be on the last of these.

But who’s complaining? All the big names seem to be involved, but so is CAMRA, so it shouldn’t just be a corporate nasty. Can’t see Meantime listed – maybe it’s one of the smaller ones, or it spurns such commercialism.

So. It could be some horrid trade show in our lovely park. Or it could be an absolutely brilliant time had by all. I’ve signed up for the newsletter so hopefully I’ll be able to keep a spooky ear to the ground.

In the meanwhile, put 18th-20th September in your diary – either to clear it for three-day-all-day beery-foamyness, or to book a nice weekend away in Torquay…

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