Got A Grand To Spare?

I get sent the strangest things. I guess it was a nice piece of lateral thinking that made an auction house in Dorset send me (and, I note from the public carbon-copying, sundry free-papers – I wonder if they realise I’m just a blog…) news of this painting coming up for sale on 9th April. I doubt they’ll get many customers gagging for it down Dorchester way.

And you’re wondering why I think you might be interested in this bucolic, early 19thC watercolour of a pair of jolly milkmaids chatting up a shepherd, aren’t you?
Well, if you click on the pic, you may just about be able to make out some fuzzy buildings in the background. These are, we’re told, Greenwich Hospital and the Thames, complete with sailing boats. The happy milkmaids are on Shooters Hill.
Personally, I can’t see any boats – unless they’re the giant white things that I assumed were the ORNC – but it’s quite a sweet painting. Big, too – 23″ x 33″. Dukes are, naturally, hoping for huge interest in Samuel Austin’s view of South East London before it was – well, South East London, I guess.
The estimate is between £500 and £1000. Dukes is optimistic – “we expect it could do considerably better.” They would say that, wouldn’t they.
The one thing they don’t include in the press release is any kind of detail on how to actually bid. Yours Truly thought that someone with an interest in Greenwich and in possession of a magnifying glass might be interested in this one, though, so here’s Duke’s website . Once you get there, I confess you’re on your own. The catalogue isn’t available yet…

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