Fan Made Theatre

Despite the best efforts of various funding bodies who would rather we all saw up-yer-arse Art rather than exciting, innovative – but ultimately popular (eeek! the Arts Council shudders) theatre, lovely London Bubble Theatre company is still managing to hold out against the odds.

Given a spot of grudging ‘transitional’ funding last year, they’re now looking to find quirky alternatives to traditional ways of putting on a show right here. Given Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland are otherwise engaged, they’ve come up with ‘Fan-Made Theatre’ and I, for one am going to be right in there.

You buy a stake in the show – which is, basically, a ticket-up-front. It costs twenty quid (just a tenner if you count for concessions.) But here’s where the good bit comes in – you also give ‘em your ideas about what you’d like them to do in the way of a show this year.

There’s then a big online bunfight (okay, okay, ‘discussion’) and, once all the ideas have been mulled over by the theatre’s new stakeholders (i.e. us,) there’s a vote. The winning idea gets the classic Jonathan Petherbridge treatment, and goes on tour as a promenade performance this summer, taking in sundry London parks, gardens and woods (including, I’m sure, our very own Oxleas…)

And on top of all that – there’s a special Fan-Made shindig at the end of it for the stakeholders.

I adore London Bubble. My mates and I have made a habit of going en-masse to pretty much every London production they’ve done over the years. I love the world they create – an all-encompassing universe that feeds not just your eye – but your periphery of vision too – you’re always aware that slightly-out-of-this world creepy stuff is going on just out of sight or round the corner, and that if you’re very lucky you might just catch a glimpse of it.

I’m definitely going to purchase a stake in the show (so much more fun than just buying a ticket…) and I urge you to do the same. Get a ticket, get involved and tell ‘em what you want to see. They are too precious to lose.

Find out about it here – see you in the summer at whatever magical event they create (I’ll be one of those just-out-of-sight creepy things…)

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