Bronco Bullfrog

Roger has brought to my attention a lost ’60s mod ‘masterpiece’ from the well-’ard Saturday Night Sunday Morning end of British film-making. I can’t say it looks like a barrel of laughs, and at £160 a pop on Amazon I’m not going to bother finding out (though Roger says he’s found somewhere cheaper and has ordered his own copy. He’s not revealing his sources…)

But the trailer is available to all. It is supposed to have been filmed ‘in London’s East End’ – but just look at some of those locations. I agree with Roger. The actors may have been from Joan Littlewoods Theatre Workshop in Stratford, but the places look South London to me. Isn’t that the Charlton side of Woolwich Road, just past the flyover, that they’re driving along? What about those docks the lads run along? Crowley’s Wharf is my suspicion. And those prefabs – Catford, perhaps? I guess it’s a toss-up as to whether you’d count the foot tunnel as north or south…

Enjoy your slice of gritty cult London here.

Something to look out for:

Modculture tells me that the film marks an important crossover in mod styling – from standard skinhead clobber to the penny collars and suedehead styles that mod became in the 70s. Fashion-slaves – take note…

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  1. Sarah M says:

    hello!! the film is getting released on dvd by the bfi shortly and I've been asked to write about I research films shot in London! so anyone who was involved with the making of Bronco – could you get in touch? I'd love to hear from you and include your thoughts in my write up – thanks – you can contact me on , cheers!