Young Victoria

We get so many costume-drama shoots here that it didn’t surprise me when the PR guy for the film Young Victoria told me that parts of it were filmed in Greenwich – apparently standing in for Constitution Hill, which was indisposed…

Does anyone remember this? I usually notice – or at least hear about film shoots going on – but this one totally passed me by.
I can’t see that Victoria herself had much – or, indeed, any – interest in Greenwich. I’m not even sure if she ever set foot here. Still – she (or a much better-looking version of her…) will be treading our hallowed streets from March 6th, when we can all sit in the Picturehouse squinting at the backgrounds to see if we recognise anything.
Or we can wait for Watchmen. Which I’m pretty sure doesn’t have a single frame shot in Greenwich. Or, indeed, in the real world.

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