The Littlest Australian

Wasn’t it incredible on Saturday? It seemed the entire universe had descended on Greenwich Park as the first decent day of the year saw almost as many people enjoying the slightly freaky weather as did a few weeks ago in the snow.

But it was an email I received during the snowiest snow for 18 years that took me into the park this weekend.

The day after the snow, I was slightly puzzled (but rather flattered) to recieve a truly international postbag – from Greenwichians-at-heart around the world who’d logged on to get pictures of their favourite town in the snow. The furthest two (within an hour or so of each other) came from either side of Australia – which was receiving its own share of freak weather conditions, albeit at the other end of the scale.

It’s always great to hear from people around the world – especially the ones who have great stories to tell, but one in particular really touched my heart. James and Kay, who now live in Canberra, told me to look out for a special bench in Greenwich Park, along Lovers’ Walk. It is a memorial to their baby daughter Lauren…

I decided that Lauren deserved more than the cold, grey weather we’ve been having, so when I went to look for it, it would be on the first day of Spring – or at least the first promise of the season.
So I worked my way up Lovers’ Walk in Saturday’s sunshine, looking, I guess, rather dodgy, peering at the little plaques on the benches in between the people who were actually sitting on them. I missed it at first – a man and his large dog were enjoying its dappled sun – but when I did find it, I was rather surprised to find that I’d actually photographed it before – in the snow two years ago:

It’s on the left, set a little back from the path – and a lovely spot to sit in the spring sunshine and think of the “Littlest Australian.”

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  2. Sadly all the dozens of comments that were made here became lost when my site had to move. But many of us stop and think of little Lauren whenever we wander down Lover’s Walk.