The Buddha of Gurdon Road

Gurdon Road, SE7

By rights this should be in my Favourite Front Gardens section.

It’s an unassuming little Victorian end of terrace house with its own little Zen garden, quietly tucked behind a screen of willow trellis. The gatepost has this delightful little head – I don’t know which god it is – but it looks peaceful and that will do for me.

Behind, in a little gravel area, is another cross-legged god (I’m assuming it’s Buddha, but my ignorance level is high here…) surrounded by miniature bamboo in pots and, in the summer, one of those little shiny roller-ball fountains. At the moment, it’s tucked up in bed for the winter, so try taking a look in a few week’s time when Spring looks a bit more likely than now.

A little bit of peace in a Charlton garden. Ahh.

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