Rangers Square

James asks:

“I would like to ask you if you know anything about the history of Rangers Square just off Hyde Vale in West Greenwich? My wife and I lived there for 5 years, in a rather small but very nice two bed flat and even had two of our children there.

I wonder why it is called Rangers Square, possibly some relation to Rangers House, and whether you know what was there before the flats? I had heard it was some garage. There is also a bit of scrubby bush just behind it backing onto the Conduit House flats with some tall looking trees. I had even heard there was someone living in this scrub during the summer months in 2006.”

The Phantom is once again embarrassed by sheer ignorance, but given the close proximity to Ranger’s House, I’m guessing that that is the reason. If memory serves, Ranger’s Square is a modern-ish development (70s/80s?) and, as I am increasingly discovering, the naming process for new streets and developments is a path strewn with pitfalls these days.

I told you about the friend of mine who worked for a major developer (not around here) whose job description involved her naming the new developments in a former mental asylum, and whatever she came up with seemed to offend someone or other who thought she was being disrespectful to people with mental health problems. I’ve heard stories about naming problems around here too.

Hence people tend to stay with fairly bland titles that can’t possibly offend anyone and ‘Ranger’s Square’ would seem to fit the bill. But maybe someone else knows better – or can tell you about the interesting character who lived in the scrubbery behind in 2006…

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  1. Tintin says:


    In case anyone else happens to stumble over this thread, I thought I’d leave a response to this question, even if I am a bit late!

    Based on my (ongoing) purchase of a house on Rangers Square, I can tell you that it was constructed in 1967 and owned until the early 90s by the Lady Florence Trust, a charity based in Deptford.

    If anyone has any pictures of the square early in its life, I’d love to hear from them…

  2. PATRICIA says:

    I was born in Greenwich. My grandmother lived in Thames Street. My cousins and I used to spend a lot of time in Greenwich Park in the late 1940′s. where we used to make sure we kept out of the way of the park RANGERS. Perhaps this is an explanation.