Pun-Free Snow Pictures Headline

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about the weather? Heaviest snow for 18 years, bin lids for toboggans, no rail information ‘due to weather,’ yadda, yadda.

Every website going has dozens of pictures, and terrible snow-puns. Me? I’ll just go for the first. Thank you so much, everyone who’s sent in pics. I haven’t included here any sent on Flickr as I am a Phantom of such little brain I can’t work out how to get them off the Flickr pages – soz…

I may well do aother batch later – hell – everyone likes pics of snow, don’t they…

Rod was responsible for the fine photo of Yours Truly above. He also sent me the fab aerial shot and the gates as most of us have never seen them before.

But ultimately on days like this, everyone just heads for the park. And this ghostly pic of the Observatory is just a little deceptive. The place was crawling with people – Rod must have got up pretty early to get this.

It was as crowded as it gets on a sunny day in August, as Emma’s pics show:

I just adore this snowman and his dog – how many hours did that take..?

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