Once More With Feeling

Crel asks:

“Can you recommend any Karaoke Bars in Greenwich please?”

The Phantom can’t, with hand on heart, recommend karaoke as an activity full stop. And unless you’re a green-faced demon who can read souls, I don’t recommend it as a spectator sport either…

But since you ask, I’ll put my mind to it. Now. I have seen karaoke advertised in one of the pubs I’ve been in locally. Sadly that doesn’t narrow it down very much. Was it the Vanbrugh? I can’t remember. I know that the Royal Standard used to do it – I don’t know whether they still do. There’s a stage area upstairs at the Auctioneer – and it’s the sort of studenty place that might do it.

Maybe I saw it advertised when I walked past the William IV.

No. Sorry. It’s gone. I daresay there will be someone here who will know though.

But if you’re planning a jolly night out, and you don’t mind a trip, try the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes – a 1950s-style bowling alley complete with 50′s diner cafe area, rock & roll bands – and karaoke booths you can hire. The Phantom Webmaster did just that a few months ago. I’d show you the pics but – well – some things are best left discreetly veiled…

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