Last Knockings Of The Village Market

Folks, if you’re free this weekend – or, indeed, any weekend up until the 21st/22nd March, get yourself down to Greenwich’s Village Market and soak up the atmosphere while you can. It’s all being bulldozed after then, and the charming, ever-so-slightly scruffy market will be no more.

I, for one, am very sad about this. It’s this kind of quirky, not-squeaky-clean-but-full of-atmosphere thing that tourists (and locals) love, and authorities hate. It’s a few square yards of real estate in the centre of town that isn’t developed into something anodine and safe, but only for a few more precious weeks. No longer will the delightful giant Geisha adorn the outside of the Bottle Shop. No longer will you be able to buy the world’s tattiest umbrella stand, cunningly fashioned from a motheaten stuffed polecat. No longer will students be able to purchase military jackets from obscure eastern block countries as they have done since Time Immemorial. And no longer will my fave jewellery stall ply its funky beadware to the delight of my friends and relations. I’ll just have to do my Christmas shopping elsewhere. And HFH Designs, along with all the other stallholders will have to find somewhere new to be non-conformist as something clean and dull replaces scruffy but interesting old brick warehouses.

So – in the next few weeks, do take the chance to visit this bizarre one-off one more time. And take me some pictures, eh…

One Comment to “Last Knockings Of The Village Market”

  1. sara says:

    the name of the Vintage clothes shop that was there? Not 360 degrees which was on street level but the one that you had to go up the stairs to get to? Does anyone know if they have relocated anywhere?

    Many thanks,