Fresh Out…

Tim asks:

“Do you know what’s happening to what used to be the Organic Cafe, that changed to “Fresh…”? I walk past there most mornings, and today I noticed that they’d taken down the sign and gutted the inside.”

The Phantom doesn’t know, but given that the reason stated on the poster of the Organic Cafe for being shut down was that Greenwich Council thought there were too many cafe/eateries in the centre of town, I’m guessing that Fresh opened up without actually having permission to open a cafe/eaterie there and was promptly shut down again. I don’t know – but that’s what I’d put my money on.

After all – it’s hardly a first time thing. Remember the blink-and-you-missed-it cafe at Blackheath Standard last year (I can’t remember its name but I do remember it was spelled wrongly) that twice failed to submit an application for premises licence – even after being warned it faced closure if it didn’t just fill in a form? It’s now a barbers…

I wonder why new businesses spend all that money on fitting out a place without checking the paperwork before they shell out the cash?

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