Creepy Roller Fan

Just had to share this pic with you. Of course, it’s one of the hoardings along the walk between North Greenwich tube and the O2, celebrating the highs and lows of rock music through the decades. This one is definitely my favourite – and bears close scrutiny.

Apart from the wincingly bad haircuts, bad teeth and terrible fashions (I note they didn’t come back with the 70s revival recently…) which would render this picture enjoyable as it is, just get that creepy bloke at the back with the opera glasses and the dodgy moustache.
What the hell is he doing there? The more I look at it, the more baffled I am. He makes my flesh crawl almost as much as those tartan scarves (and the Woody-a-like at the back) and yet in a picture full of characters (every face here is a winner) he is the one I can’t take my eyes off…

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