Can’t Resist…

…a few more lovely pics. When I finally work out how to retrieve pics off Picassa/Flickr we’ll have another fest…

In the meanwhile, a couple more from Rod – one where Greenwich suddenly looks like some Alpine village (with micro-mountains, natch)

and another that shows just how bloomin’ deep the snow managed to get on those branches:

I didn’t include any of Stevie’s pics yesterday – space and time just got in the way – so I’m rectifying it now. All of Blackheath, all lovely. He calls this one ‘Spires & Tyres…”

…and the long Paragon Plod:
But my personal favourite is this one. Don’t you just love the pastel shades with the white of the snow?

Bet there are going to be a few home-made Christmas cards next year.
Take care in all that slippery stuff, folks…

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