Wood Wharf River Bar and Grill

Jeremy asks:

“I was having a walk by the river at the weekend and saw that the units below Wood Wharf at the end of Horseferry Place has a sign informing us that the River Bar and Grill will be opening there in May this year. Do you know anything about it? I’ve a grave feeling it might be another Greenwich Inc outlet, , but I’ve had a poke around on the internet and cannot find a thing. It looks like it might be pretty big, but will it be ‘more of the same’ I wonder?”

The Phantom replies:

You’re not joking about the secrecy, Jeremy. I can’t find anything at all about it. I’ve checked out the licence applications at Greenwich Council, but it doesn’t seem to be listed (though to be honest, it’s not very easy to work ones way around that section of the website.)

I can’t see anything about it on Greenwich Inc’s site either – but that doesn’t mean anything. Take Raan, for example – a really rather good Indian restaurant that was bought out by Inc and is now a very average all-purpose O2 eaterie – no mention of the changeover anywhere I’ve found – I discovered the swap when I went to eat there…

I don’t know if it will be an Inc joint or not. But I tend to take the view that there was nothing there beforehand, so a non-empty reastaurant/bar/brasserie is a good thing, whoever runs it, especially in this financial climate. I actually think in this case that it could be a good thing. I disapprove of good places being taken over and turned into dull places but anywhere where there was nothing before is fair game.

Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As a local resident, I can honestly say that yes, what a great idea to have a new bar opening in Greenwich but the location is a really bad idea. I have a small child that is constantly woken by the "rabble" that come and go (Thought it was aimed at older clientele). People shouting, throwing up and worse still urinating everywhere.Not a nice environment for my son so play near. It used to be a really nice place to live before the bar opened. We have a constant stream of cars outside our block horns beeping and doors slamming. I can no longer have my window open as i am unable to hear my T.V over the noise. It may sound like i am moaning but just try living here. The lack of sleep would make anyone cranky. So forgive me if i don't wish you luck.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi so for all those readers looking forward to a nice independent riverfront restaurant. Dream on. The owner sought a late licence and got one and still not satisfied has turned this place into a nightmare for local residents including those in the special needs home opposite. He's stayed open til after 2 am and has started running a nightclub. so for all those of you who thought it's a good thing- well its not, local residents have had a noise abatement order issued on him. He lied to the local council and told them he would run a classy place. already there's been one serious incident involving ambulances and the local plod. Don't patronise this place until the owner takes more account of the fact he chose to use premises in a quiet residential area and stops booking bands. He's supposed to be running a bar restaurant not a nightclub.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Local residents up in arms about late night openings 2 or 3 times a week at this venue. Supposedly a restaurant-bar it has been hosting live music and club nights opening until 2am even in the week. Greenwich council have issued a noise abatement order but still the owner is making residents of this street suffer. Last week the police and ambulances were called to a fight there. This shouldn't be happening to a quiet residential area and the owner should be forced to abide by the already generous opening hours he was allowed. Greenwich phantom – please boycott the bar on behalf of the locals?

  4. jane says:

    In reply to the local resident who's child is being kept awake by this bar. You are not alone. Lots of us are being disturbed. Greenwich council is holding a meeting at the River bar on Tuesday 23rd at 6pm. All residents welcom. Please come and tell the councillors and the licensing team what you think of them for allowing the owner to break his licence and host a nightclub instead of the restaurant bar he promised.

  5. Anon says:

    I’m just hoping this bar falls flat on its face soon. It is not what Greenwich needs and it just reminds me of Tiger Tiger or somewhere equally as tacky. They should pick up the whole thing and dump it in Leicester Square. We need quirky, cosy, friendly places with decent, down to earth food!! They’re showing Millwall games there…that says it all…………

  6. kevin says:

    the resturant / bar does not have sky sports to show the Millwall games . you can come down and see that it has NO sports channels ! it will show the world cup games like every other bar in the area will . we opened up the event evenings to raise the money needed to get the kitchen built and up and running as to get the decibel levels that the council requied cost a lot more than first thought . we have now done everything the council has asked us to do to reduce noise levels . there will be NO events or parties and we will be closed by 11.oo pm . WE ARE AIMING TO GET GREENWICH A MICHELINE STAR RESTAURANT WITHIN A YEAR ! sorry to upset you all but we are now moving forward . we look forward to seeing you in the near future

  7. JimB says:

    Oh dear Oh dear what a miserable bunch you are. We have just had a thoroughly enjoyable meal and drinks at the River Bar. The atmosphere was lovely, there was no sign of the scenes of violent disorder you describe. What is wrong with football related events being staged? Not sure if you noticed but there is a festival of football called the World Cup about to start. I Can’t believe that there are still small minded, narrow sighted people that think all football supporters are hooligans hence the Millwall comment. Maybe if you visited the River Bar and sampled the fare you would see how unfounded and groundless your comments are. The work and service provided by the River Bar should be applauded, not be subject of misleading hearsay and rumour.

  8. anon says:

    whilst I don’t want to give this bar any more publicity I have to say the owner seems a tad confused. In several facebook postings he’s promoting footie on large screens and then he says he’s after a micheline (sic) star for his restaurant in another posting. It’ll be the first Michelin starred restaurant to feature sports on the menu me thinks. What a load of cobblers. The river bar just has so much front. They built a restaurant only because the council insisted but fact is most punters aren’t going there to eat and the owner knows this but keeps up the pretence to keep his licence. His bar is still keeping people awake by the way.

  9. kevin says:

    you must go to bed by 10 and must be bored ! why dont you come in and learn to enjoy life rather than moaning ! what are you going to do when the galliard project is finished and the new boat terminal is up and running ? there will be new bars and resturants on the galliard project and 200 ocean liners docking every year with 1500 passengers on them each time . i think you might need to put in for a transfer or take it up with the council

  10. Jon r says:

    I can honestly say I that the meal I had at the river bar was by far the best I have encountered for a long time a in the whole a very enjoyable exsperience.The only complaint I had was the background music was not actually loud enough.I really can not see how this establisment is being described as a night club I can only assume that the complaints are maybe out of date?
    Well done river bar i will be back

  11. kevin says:

    thank you all ! anon has still not been down she must be asleep still or carnt get a babysitter ! she must be on nightnurse by now . theres one thing i carnt stand is when someone says things and they dont make themselves known or try to sort the problems out ! sad

  12. lukers says:

    Anon, you are a disgrace, and very stereo typical.
    What’s wrong with millwall? have you ever been there?

    Maybe you should support your local football team and support your local classy bar/restaurant.

    I had a meal the other week at river bar, and it was possibly the best food i’ve ever had and at a very reasonable price.

    Greenwich needs a place like this ,and needs local people to support it, or do you want to live in another run down south london borough?
    Keep up the good work river bar, i hope more people get in there ,as this place is great!

  13. kevin says:

    thanks to everyone who supports the bar ! there are certain people [ they know who they are ] keep complaining to the council ! the other day witherspoons had a stabbing outside which caused the closing of the roads for several hours and they still opened for trade the next day with no restrictions imposed by the council ! the north pole had a shooting outside and are still open ! even now we have changed it to a resturant the council still want 2 doorman on the doors ! work that one out ! does anyone else who has a resturant have doormen ? and it is still the same women [who called the police twice to say there was fighting in the bar when they turned up the bar was empty ] this is what we are up against and she is best mates with a councillor ! if you want a empty bar we shall take all the glass out of the front and you will have a much bigger problem ! is that what you all want as for the noise when galliards project is complete what are you going to do ? weve done everything you have asked please get on our side to make the river bar a success and we will all benifit .

  14. Lady vj. says:


    You moaners need to just shut up and pull your heads from your arses!

    A bit of class in that community is not a bad thing ! Every business has its problems !and River Bar was one of them – HOWEVER now as a restaurant there has not been ONE complaint. Why dont you take the time out and go and talk to the staff and owner – you may make a few friends you seems to need some! Nobody like those who complain!

    It is amazing food, amazing staff, amazing atmosphere and delightfully unforgettable views. Your a mug not to want to entertain there.

    Nice to see Kevin replying :-)

  15. Fifi Malarkey says:

    I am very pro new business in the area. I’m born and bred in Greenwich and it’s great to be able to spend leisure money locally and see the local community benefit.

    The River Bar was a lovely surprise to find at the end of a walk along the river side.

    That said my one visit to The River Bar found me with an Elderflower jelly complete with fly set within it!

    Its very important to get these things right. Especially when you are starting out.

    I hope the local community and the bar find the right balance and a way to co-exist. I think its a shame when people bring a weight of negative pressure on something that could have many long term positives.

  16. DrDarko says:

    The river bar and grill is very very very tacky. The beer is expensive and I had to send my first pint back as it smelt like it went off. The bar staff don’t seem like they have a GCSE between them. I am 27 6″4 and apart from working out the price of the drinks wrong they ID me. It is in a nice location and the potential is good but it is lacking in style and community care. It is obvious that the above posts promoting the bar are from the owners friends. It shows the aggressiveness of the owner to belittle the tenants of the surrounding areas. In my view the owner should realise that a discount for residents would go a long way.

  17. Winston says:

    The postings in June/ July are blatantly, almost comically, from the same bloke/ mates …
    Kevin, Do a better job next time of hiding your tracks!
    It’s revealing how many of his posts focus on belittling the character of his critics, rather than addressing the concerns

  18. Kevin says:

    I’m Kevin I’m a shareholder who has lost a lot of money in the riverbar . I never took part inrunning it Kieron run the bar ! Not me ! and the posts made are not by other shareholders as far as I no the person opposite was the one who closed it down she complained non stop just cause she is disabled she used it against us by the way my mum was born with polio many thanks kevin

  19. kevin says:

    im sorry to say the riverbar will not re-open as we can not get a 12 o clock license for fri and sat as all the other bars have this so we have no trade as our license says everyone inc staff must be out by 11.00 pm latest . we tried to do the best we could doing everything the council asked even had security on doors liked asked . which no other premises in the area need to have they still carnt arnswer why only we needed this ! we spent over 700,000.00 to finish this project and had problems on the way.[like any new business] .NOW WE HAVE MOVED OUT you can see the windows have been broke ann forced entry has been tried around the back . the landlord is now trying to sell the freehold for both units for 1 million pounds and without tennants in any units it is unlikely this will happen as the restrictions the locals want along with the council your going to have units empty with people who will take scrap from the bar !!! take care all of you love the riverbar xxx

  20. curious says:

    How bout the staff that hasn’t recieved the rest of their wages…………

  21. kevin says:

    i understand some money is owed but i am owed a hell of a lot more ! im sorry to everyone whos owed ! but ive lost everything and now in big debt !!!

  22. kevin says:

    now the bar has closed because of maureen o mara and victoria who lives opposite . if it wasnt for them i would of not lost everything i had. we put in £750,000.00 to build this bar and we are in debt for the rest of our lives thanks to these ! tyhe staff who are owed money should thank the above not us!!! we are all pissed off for the lost of monies but they are the ones who owes us all the money . i hope they can sleep at nite now . THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT