Tunnel Vision

Time and Tide may wait for no man, but it seems Tunnels might just have to get in line. Ross and I have been discussing the broken lift at the south end of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel.

Ross’s New Year’s resolution of cycling to work in Holborn (gulp) hasn’t got off to a very good start as he hates having to lug his bike down the steps (I guess it could be considered all part of the workout…)so

“I took the opportunity this morning to speak to the chap in the north-side lift about it and, whilst being slightly cagey, suggested that it might not be worked upon anytime soon due to “political reasons”. What those might be, he didn’t know. The only notice on the lift itself says something along the lines of “out of order until further notice,” he says.

As IanVisits told me recently, there is a major refurb planned for both the Greenwich and Woolwich tunnels. But Ross is worried.

“I could be completely wrong here but it rather sounds like work on the Tunnel (including the lifts) might cease until the refurbishment proper. And, as the article below suggests this won’t be finished until 2011, should we expect the south-side lift (and whatever else conks out in the meantime) to be out of use for the foreseeable future?”

I have a horrid feeling Ross may be right. Does anyone know anything about this?

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