The End Of An Era?

It would seem that Mr Chung, a Trafalgar Road institution, is up for sale.

The whole thing seems to be up for grabs – both restaurant and accompanying flat (‘not inspected.’) Actually I’m guessing that none of it was ‘inspected’ very thoroughly, since it is described as being ‘close to Motspur Park’ train station. I pity anyone getting out at Motspur Park and hoping to nip round for a quick Chinese meal – the stop’s in Merton…

The restaurant is listed as taking £4,000 per week but it doesn’t mention that that’s probably because it’s actually a good, long-established restaurant in an area of general dross. Anyone who thinks they can just start up yet another dodgy fried chicken takeaway and make cash will be faced with a huge amount of competition. Indifferent competition, natch, but loads of it.

My hope here (probably unkind to Mr Chung, who I suspect just wants to retire quietly) is that the same thing will happen as did down the road at La Salumeria – they tried to sell, couldn’t, so re-vamped and became even better.

In the meanwhile gather ye water chestnuts while ye may…

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