Sorry folks – but I just have to have a grumble along with everyone else today.

This morning I looked to see what the damage would be on a Travelcard this year. Off-peak, from Zones 1-4 (yes, I know we’re in Zone 3, but there isn’t a sodding travelcard for sodding Zone 1-to-sodding-3) it’s gone from £5.80 to £6.30. I make that 50p extra a pop. It’s now a tenner if you want to travel before 9.30am.

To add insult to injury, if we were actually allowed to use an Oystercard, which they keep on telling us to do, but we can’t because it’s Southeastern and they, like the other rail companies won’t play ball with the rest of TFL, it would be capped to the old price.

So okay. We pay more.

But just get this. Bob has just told me that from December next year, there will be zero – coun’t ‘em – ZERO – off-peak trains from Greenwich to Charing Cross. You don’t believe him? Here’s the proof.

Now – I have to give them something – there WILL be more trains for commuters – which, naturally, is good news for anyone who has to stand all the way every day. But cutting an entire service to Charing Cross – so that everyone has to go via Cannon Street, is frankly rubbish. I’m used to trekking across the platforms at London Bridge during the day, but coming home from Charing Cross late at night was really good – and always busy. It’s not as though it’s not being used.

BTW, both Cannon Street and London Bridge will be building sites this year.

Still, at least Cannon Street tube is open on Saturdays now, from 07:20 to 19:40. It’s still completely closed on Sundays. So – no late nights, eh, guys?

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