Happy 2009!

Morning folks. I’m trying to write this with a hangover – hope not too many of you are feeling as duff as me. Andrew tells me we had an extra second to enjoy last night but I confess that the state I was in I didn’t notice it…

So. 2009. As far as I can tell, it’s going to be a bit of a water-treading year. We’re all going to be redundant and/or poor, and all the jolly projects planned for Greenwich will be works-in-progress, so half the place will be covered in scaffolding or in temporary accommodation.

The Cutty Sark is still looking poorly, though thanks to people who love her putting their hands in their pockets, she’s on track for opening in 2010. The Pepys building is also boarded up at the moment, as it’s being transformed into a ‘Discovery Centre’ (think school parties…) which, if memory serves, is also destined for 2010. I can’t find any info for the re-created brewery, though given that the beer will need to mature for at least 12 months, if they finished it today, that would still make it – 2010.

Further afield, the Museum of London is also under wraps. I went there yesterday, and a very odd place it is just now. All the big-hitter exhibits are crammed into a tiny space – which just about does for now. I’m looking forward to the new galleries opening downstairs because there’s something very specific and very Greenwich in there I want you to see. That’s scheduled for – guess when…

So what’s going on this year, then? To be perfectly honest, I don’t really know. The Greenwich Theatre programme plopped onto my doormat yesterday; there looks like there might be one or two interesting-looking things there, and I guess there are the usual events at the usual places.

I get the feeling that this year we just get to hunker down and bide our time. We need to keep an eye on these major plans – the Olympics get ever-closer and costs spiral – as well as the smaller things – just what IS going on with that old hospital site?

But for now, it’s a new year, a time for new plans, new personal goals and a fresh start.

I won’t be with you all the time this year. I have some Real Work stuff that will get in the way of blogging daily. But I plan to be around for as much as possible.

Have a Happy and Healthy 2009, guys. Just think – from now on the days get longer…

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