Clash In The Attic

For once, this terrible pun is not from the Phantom’s pen – but I couldn’t think of a better title for this post.

I was sent a press release from Chris Merriman, the human face of a new internet project, based in that hot-bed of rock & roll, Charlton, which aims to create an archive of rock memorabilia – the kind of thing that most of us tend to squirrel away in files and boxes never to be looked at again until the House Clearance brigade move in.

We’re talking archive and bootleg footage from gigs, fanzines, interviews and photos of rock legends (and presumably not-so-legendary pop acts…) that you might have knocking around that you’d like to see earn you a bit of cash.

Rokpool already has a load of previously unseen footage/photos etc of famous stars like Zepplin, Clapton and The Beatles, but it’s looking for more before its launch to the cyberworld. I assume it will be a bit like a cross-media photo library. If you’re holding something really interesting, it could earn you an absolute mint, and this sounds like a very exciting project.


The talk of ‘unique licensing arrangements’ in the press release intrigues me. A word to the wise. Read any contracts VERY carefully, and don’t be afraid to challenge aspects you don’t like.

I have absolutely no reason to believe that Rokpool is anything other than completely up-front and honest – and I think it will be a valuable addition to the music world – but it is (or will be, at least) part of the wider Music Business. Any music contract should be scrutinised (and, if necessary, argued) down to the last comma.

But, caveat aside, this looks like a brilliant idea. If you’re sitting on a gem, contact Chris at

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